The Sealy Posturepedic Premium collection has a slightly improved mattress Edge Support, using the ‘UniCased XT’ system that is claimed to lock into the spring unit, giving stability and minimising partner disturbance. Celebrating 50 years of Sealy Posturepedic in Australia. It has been a fantastic purchase and I don’t think I’ll wait for another 15 years to buy the next one. This will be great in summer as my old bed held a lot of heat and radiated that heat out all night. The Sealy Luxury range is at the top of the price mark, featuring the Posturepedic Crown Jewel collection which includes the Royal Coronet and the Imperial Grace mattresses. Downside is, I want to go to bed early and I don't want to get out in the morning. Sealy Posturepedic Performance (Mattress): 3.8 out of 5 stars from 16 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site I purchased this mattress for a redecorated "kid's" room/home office. Bought new sheets to add to the experience. Sealy Posturepedic® Plus. An amazing mattress! Good mattresses. As a result, there will be some partner disturbance. Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Heritage Review. This is the best mattress we have ever bought. It’s said to surround the perimeter and base of the mattress and to respond to body weight progressively. I will definitely be buying Sealy again! The staff at Myers were lovely and the mattress was delivered on time by two gentleman as promised. This mattress is the king of kings (or queen of queens?) HappyCustomers, South East Queensland, QLD. It was delivered early in between Christmas & New Year for free. Just couldn't go past Sealy mattresses after testing many other brands which looked great but did not breathe and were so uncomfortable. We love our Crown Jewel. Also we knew we would sometimes be sleeping in his bed so it had to be a mattress that supported us too. Looking for Australia's best mattress? From the first nights sleep, the difference was immediate. Several other features of this design include corner wrap hands, gold tone vents, corner guards and timber legs, giving you a full luxury experience from head to toe. Would recommend this bed to my family and friends! Well even he is now a plush mattress. For the Posturepedic Exquisite collection, these include the Bertali, Manelli and Viadana mattresses. We purchased our Sealy ensemble 2 years ago and it is still the best rest I have ever had. There are several mattress types including the Sealy Posturepedic singles mattress and the Sealy singles mattresses, which feature similar technology that you’ll find in the classic range, as well as a baby cot mattress. Purchased a second Allure Plush Queen as we are downsizing. My last mattress was from another brand and I had it for a long time. The mattress still looks as good as the day we bought it. I wanted hard wearing , well made and comfortable. Win win. We called Sealy about our problem�s with our mattress. I have recommended it to so many friends because they buy cheap beds and regret it. Warm and comfortable sleep, wake up with no pain if I sleep on my back. I had my old bed for about 13 years. Over 6 years with my sealy, and I honestly couldn’t live without it. As always I bought from Harvey Norman at Bundal Gold Coast and Daphne gave use an in depth product knowledge class and the choices we had.We made the right decision and often recommend Sealy to friends if they are looking to purchase a new bed.Unfortunitly I have a severe back problem and needed to have a firm bed,this did the trick perfectly The craftmenship and fabric finish is excellent,it's a shame to cover it with the bedding. Hopefully this mattress lasts for as long as they said but we'll make sure we rotate it every six months like the guy at Harvey Norman suggested. The convergence of precision engineering and contemporary luxury. You may like to upgrade to a Sealy mattress, in particular to the higher-end mattresses, which combine three different phases down each coil, claimed to provide very strong support. It is very comfortable and a pleasure to sleep on. Whether you prefer springs, memory foam, or a combination of both⁠— Sealy has a mattress to support your needs. My wife and I recently purchased a Queen Size Exquisite Ultra Plush mattress from the Viadana range. My old Sealy mattress was 10-12 years old and I slept very hot on it. Answer a few quick questions and we'll recommend the right mattress based on your unique sleep profile. Best sleep I’ve had in ages. We have struggled for years to find a bed that suits our needs and finally our prayers have been answered. Sealy is one of the biggest names in the world of mattresses, but what can you actually get for your money? Recently I purchased a Crown Jewel mattress. Every morning I used to wake up with an aching back and thought it was just age. It would have been good if it was thinner and lighter. My son turned 19 and they took into account his shape/weight. Australia’s Favourite Mattress Brand. We had a slight problem with our mattress they said they may have to replace the fabric on the top & I was worried & they said not to worry we'll look after you. The sales person in the dept store was from Sealy and I was very happy with the purchase procedure. The first couple of nights the bed felt too hard - our old bed was saggy, but now it is pure luxury. Sarah F Windsor, ON; Not too soft. Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel, December 2017. I returned to the website and their were no reviews but I searched some other mattresses with the same features and price points and discovered that it would, when unfolded, rise to it's full 12 inches and it did indeed have cloth covered coils (innersprings). Me and my partner never understood comfort untill the matress arrived! Our Hampton Deluxe Queen mattress is a dream to sleep on not too soft but not hard. It is elevated and every night is a good night! I'm sad we waited so long to replace our old one. She’s an expert on household appliances, health & beauty products, as well as all things grocery and shopping. Kimberly S Gatineau, QC; This mattress is magic. I have no medical conditions or problems. No more waking up from your partner tossing and turning, a real marriage saver. Mattress Buyer Jed explains the benefits and features of the Sealy Posturepedic Select Bellesguard Ultra Plush Euro Pillow Top Mattress. Purchased Crown Jewel Regal Splendour two years ago after experiencing the comfort of it while staying with a family member who had one. On receiving our mattress 1.5 weeks later it seemed much firmer. The most comfortable bed that i have ever slept on. Purchased a Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Exquisite Collection from Myers and couldn't be happier. Would definitely buy again. Featuring the Rest II Titanium Posturepedic Spring System. We are extremely happy with our purchase, which we consider to be an investment into a decade of good comfortable sleep. I bought the mattress from Harvey Norman @ Domayne in Alexandria after two visits. A good nights sleep for both occupants. This range is for the kids and guests. We are very happy with our mattress and base, this is the 3rd product we have bought from Sealy and have been very impressed with them all. I honestly look forward to going to bed each night. I think it's about 13". This is our second Sealy Trundle bed mattress for the kids. We wake up feeling well rested. It’s super comfortable and of the highest quality. Find a Retailer 0. He arranged for Shane/Adelaide rep to call me. Having a big husband, I also love that the mattress doesn�t jump around when he turns in his sleep! We will also send you an email with a link to the Mattress Buying Guide for your future reference. I use to wake up some mornings with my last bed, with stiff joints and muscles, but it has not happened since I started sleeping on my new heavenly sealy mattress! Purchased a double Exquisite Vienna Plush a couple of months ago and I’m ecstatic with it. Plus, how to figure out which one is right for you. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. My back has never felt better. It is so comfortable and even thought we have only had it for a couple of weeks it feels amazing. My husband and I have been looking for a new bed for a while now. It was time for an upgrade. I had a friend stay with me for a few nights and they kept commenting on how well they slept in it too. Shop with Afterpay* Free Shipping Over $70. Previous to owning this bed I underestimated how beneficial a good night sleep can be. I had been deterred by someone I work with who had brought a Sealy mattress from Amart a year ago who said her bed had "sunk". Many thanks. With five manufacturing plants and over 750 employees around Australia Sealy has achieved the highest reputation for professionalism and quality. We absolutely love our Sealy mattress. With five manufacturing plants and over 750 employees around Australia Sealy has achieved the highest reputation for professionalism and quality. I really like it. Love my new mattress so much. Sealy is one of Australia's largest bedding brands. I tried several brands but decided Sealy was the brand for me. I spoke with our consultant Vanessa who reassured me if were not happy both David Jones & Sealy would stand by their warranty & that Sealy make beds uniquely for David Jones. It was still in good condition however sagging a little so I felt it was time for a change. Great to support a trusted Australian brand. I recently replaced my Sealy Mattress - Very sad as my family and friends have constantly enjoyed sleeping on this mattress for 41 years. it is very comfortable and will last her many years to come. A big thank you to Sealy for manufacturing a mattress with sensational comfort and durability LONG TERM. I’m normally someone who can get out of bed easily in the morning but this mattress makes me not want to get out of bed! I have finally upgraded from sleeping on a mattress on the ground. We bought a plush mattress and it feels luxurious to sleep on while still being very supportive - at no point does my body dip at all. After much deliberation, 4 months ago I purchased a new Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite Plush mattress and have never looked back. Apart from being so comfortable& supportive, we wake up feeling so refreshed and that is how it should be. Should have purchased this years ago. I was suffering a sore back until I started sleeping on the Crown Jewel. Top 5 Rated Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses. The Sealy Posturematic Adjustable Base is said to provide benefits of a bed that can also be adjusted for therapeutic and entertainment activities. We rigorously test each and every Sealy mattress using our pressure mapping system, in addition to other performance tests, and these 5 Sealy mattresses are the best rated.We test petite, average and large body sizes in both the back and side sleeping positions and analyze the data. Sealy Posturepedic Mulberry Mattress is available from Mattressnextday for just £159.95, which is a massive saving of £260.72 against the RRP of £420.67. The sale assistant Max, took his time explaining all the different products and did not once pressure or rush me into buy a bed. Mine is 5 years old now and still going strong. It feels like you're hopping into a really posh hotel bed at night, and since getting the mattress, I have noticed a big improvement in the back pain I get from sitting at a desk all week. The Performance bed is perfect. The mattress still feels just as it did the first week as it does after a few years! They are easy to keep clean and you should cover at all times with proper encasing mattress covers. Sealy really knows their stuff. The mattress is also so beautifully made its a shame to cover it up with sheets. This is service at its best, backed by an reputable Australian brand. It did not take long to start enjoying our sleep on our new mattress, it takes time to adjust to a new mattress. Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite (Mattress): 3.2 out of 5 stars from 174 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site This mattress does exactly what it's meant to, delivering good sleeps every night with amazing results to my body and posture. We now value our restful nights sleep on our Sealy Posturelux mattress. I love the quality and value of this product. Sealy boasts advanced technology for this range compared to the ones above. For over 50 years, Sealy has changed the way Australia Sleeps. Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite, August 2017, The mattress is wonderful. Sealy (Bedding Shop): 3.6 out of 5 stars from 311 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Great to buy an Australian made and a product that lasts. My first mattress since relocating to Australia; a Sealy Posturepedic Splendour. Finally I get to own a Sealy Posturepedic mattress and it surely doesn't disappoint. I seriously suggest you upgrade now! We are adhering to our responsibility of rotating the mattress & having restful nights & not waking with the aches we had been used to from our old bed. I have always chosen plush mattresses much to the dismay of my partner who enjoys a firmer one. Could not say enough about our King Crown Jewel Allure Plush . I'm a side and stomach sleeper. I did my research, l liked what i read and decided i needed a new bed. The Sealy Cot Mattress features a triple offset spring unit, claimed to be specifically designed for a baby. We are third generation Sealy customers and we always try to buy Australian made. Download the Sealy Mattress Buyer’s Guide. It is well worth the money spent. I only buy the Posturepedic line. Best beds and mattresses. I chose the firm plush and it is perfect, not too hard and not too soft. I went for the Nouvelle Medium and it has had an immediate effect. As such there is noticeable partner disturbance. Innerspring Memory Foam Hybrid Shippable Ultra Plush Plush Medium Cushion Firm Firm Ultra Firm $399 to $799 $799 to $1,099 $1,099 to $1,599 $1,599 to $2,499 Buy Online Now. It is the best mattress we have had. Every night since I can't wait to get into bed for the perfect comfort of this mattress. We would strongly recommend Sealy PosturePremier to our family and friends. Extremely comfortable and it’s the best sleep I have had probably all of my adult life. Australian Sourced. The 20 best Sealy Mattresses in 2020 ranked based on consumer reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. It's not hard by any means, in fact it's quite comfortable and very good for my husband's back, he likes it a little firmer than I. after putting a good quilted mattress cover on, it added just the amount of plush and squish I love. Check out what our customers say about Sealy mattresses and read real Sealy Posturepedic reviews today! When we first got our new Sealy Posturepedic Posturelux queen size mattress, I was not entirely happy, we put on a quality mattress topper to protect the matress which we used on our previous mattress. This bed is very comfortable and supportive in every way so much so we look forward to retiring for the night. I’m impressed by the temperature regulation too - I’m sleeping very deeply even as the weather has gotten much warmer the last month or so. Offers great support whilst still being very comfy, highly recommend if looking for a good nights rest. I did a lot of research before buying this mattress. Restful sleep every night. I found I slept a lot better than I had in years. If it doesn't, you can download the Mattress Buying Guide here. The Sealy Posturepedic mattress will vary by retailer based on stock availability and delivery schedules, averaging between 3 to 10 days. One thing to keep in mind with these mattresses is that they take a while to soften up. With five manufacturing plants and over 750 employees around Australia Sealy has achieved the highest reputation for professionalism and quality. In the centre third of the mattress, the ‘Exquisite’ mattresses also has a gel-infused visco elastic support system, but without the natural latex. We can not express our gratitude enough to the excellent service we received not only from DJ's but to all concerned at Sealys - one of the best customer service we have received. We needed a fairly low base for mobility problems and this was achieved. The mattress was returned early afternoon with their 1 day service. Make the most of your investment with a guide that includes: Overwhelmed by the world of mattresses? Mattress is very good. For many years, the company’s flagship brand, Sealy Posturepedic, has been the number one selling premium bedding brand in Australia and rated as one of the best mattress brands by customers. The mattress has good support and is very well made. Sealy of Australia is a wholly owned company that began trading in Brisbane in 1923 as Madad Pty Ltd. We purchased our luxurious comfortable mattress over 7 years ago and the quality is so outstanding, it�s still as good today! Delivery was great, and set up was easy. Sealy mattresses are Australian-made and the company says it is committed to manufacturing products locally. We've now had our Posturepedic Exquisite for six months and I couldn't be happier with it. I've had a few different mattress brands over the years, and none have given me anywhere near the quality of sleep that the Sealy Exquisite has. Thoroughly recommend the Sealy Crown Jewel medium firmness. 45% Off. They told me that what I was describing was not normal – they took away my mattress and did a warranty repair - all on the same day. These are built with the SRxII support system that’s claimed to sense your body weight and motion in order to respond with conforming support. This bed has been very comfortable and gives us a good night sleep every night. Launched in 2019 to coincide with the 50 Year Anniversary of the famous Posturepedic spring system. The Sealy Vibrance Flex mattress work well with our electric adjustable beds too. Great to buy an Australian made and a product that lasts. He has a bad back and I like soft - This was perfect!!! So happy, we got another one for another son. Buy Now, Collection In-Store Available. This unique combination of our most premium memory foams delivers a breakthrough in pressure-relieving comfort. The Sealy customer service was amazing from the time of our first enquiry to the delivery point. The Sealy Posturepedic Legacy Firm has that typical Sealy ‘unstable’ feel to it. We didnt like them. It took some time to feel completely comfortable but now I find it beautiful. We have had a soft sleep maker mattress in the past and have been very disappointed. We have had sore back and neck issues for some time but since we have been using this product, we have no complaints. The mattress is now very comfortable and has the softness we were expecting. I purchased sealy queen mattress and after only one night sleep back pain had eased. Supporting Australians for over 90 years with unbeatable support, comfort and durability. I feel confident I’ll have this mattress for a long time. We feel well rested throughout the night. We bought this mattress with the intention of providing our child greater comfort and support while sleeping. Also love that the material it’s made of protects against dust mites and mould, as I have allergies. It’s incredibly comfortable - I have some back problems but my back is feeling amazing. I have just received my new bed from Sealy and I love it. My neck and back have been better since sleeping in this bed. My partner suffers hip and lower back problems and is very satisfied with the support this Sealy mattress offers. I purchased a Sealy Posturepremier, Medium, Double bed mattress & now, 2 years later this mattress is still as new. I am glad we chose this bed. We have found no partner disturbance which has also been great. The sealy staff at Myer Toowoomba were extremely knowledgeable about the product and fantastically helpful without being pushy. Plus it is Australian Made! Worth buying sealy - best mattress ever. Sealy have their own research and development department and really know how to produce a brilliant product. We would not buy another brand. The support is good without being too hard, I purchased a Sealy Exquisite a year ago. The bed is unbelievably comfy, it just envelops us and we both sleep like babies. Certainly helps to disperse heat as it says and the firmness is just right for those who prefer it that way. I needed a new mattress and decided upon the Posture Premier. The sales person was very helpful in the end, he even advised I bring in my own pillow and spend a couple of hours just lying on various mattresses to make sure I was getting the right feel and comfort. We love our sealy mattress’s and have just bought a new one for our sons bed. We have tried a lot of beds and in the end went with the Sealy Posturepedic Premium bed. My wife and I have both suffered with physical pain and to get out of bed in the morning without it is truly a blessing. Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Ultra Symphony Mattress quantity Add to cart Posturepedic base fabric colours are indicated in the featured image, in sequential … Would highly recommend a Sealy mattress to everyone. We surveyed more than 5,000 Australians to learn the answer. My last Sealyis now in the spare room and is well over ten years old.I purchased the Vienna Firm mattress and Exquisite Base. Bed is slightly higher than normal but not a problem. I was a little alarmed when we first got the mattress (plush) as it seemed a lot firmer than the one we had tried in-store, however after about six weeks it had settled and softened. Now my bed is like new and is fabulously comfortable. These are designed with PostureTech ST springs, which feature six turns for conformance and are tempered twice for durability. A good prize / quality balance. Sore necks and backs have disappeared and we have both experienced some of the best undisturbed sleeps we’ve had in years. Prompt collection, repair and return on the same day. We went in search of a supportive bed to help ease my stiff back and after a bit of research and shop testing of various options, decided to purchase the top of the line Sealy Crown Jewel mattress. Best decision ever no more sore backs unbelievable comfort. This is the best mattress I have ever owned as it provides such a fantastic and comfortable night's sleep! Sealy further boasts a ComfortCore Gel design to provide conformance to your lower back and disperse pressure. Sealy boasts advanced technology for this range compared to the ones above. The structure in this range uses the titanium alloy technology with working modules, which are claimed to disperse the shocks placed on the bed for longevity. As it's early days I will add to this review at a later date on body indentations/sagging if there's any. I could feel the support on every part of my body (I am a side sleeper) and I woke up with significantly less back pain. Would highly recommend the Sealy bed and the outstanding customer service. It is an absolute pleasure to go to such a comfortable bed at night, knowing we will have a good night's sleep and wake refreshed. In my opinion the mattress is worth every cent, and is a true investment in your health. You can really tell the quality. We purchased from Bev Marks in Mildura about a month ago, we are both happy with our sleep now. I have sleep apnea and also suffer from chronic back pain. I have been looking for a quality mattress to put in an air bnb . Sealy Posturepedic Mulberry Mattress reviews: View Reviews Will never buy any other brand. So happy with my purchase. I tried a friends Medium Sealy mattress and I found it too firm. This is our first Sealy mattress and we haven't been disappointed. I feel refreshed and am so grateful to have found such a great mattress. Don't put off buying a Kingsley Sealy ensemble :). We are very happy with our Sealy Crown Jewel mattress! Comfortable and soft on top with wonderful deep down support where I need it most. Feeling fresher than ever before in the morning, this had giving me a new fresh start to life. We've just purchased our best bed ever! All of Sealy’s premium mattresses are covered with SmartTex fabric treatments, designed to disperse heat and moisture. It�s great to sleep with the right support. Definitely worth investing in a Sealy Posturepedic. No more bad night sleep or tiredness in the morning! Our mattress was picked up by Todd, who had a great attitude and helpfulness also, taken to Elizabeth office for inspection and although our mattress was found to have made to specifications, they removed some foam and added softer foam to improve our mattress. Marks in Mildura about a month and I was expecting sealy posturepedic reviews australia take on the Canstar Blue Ltd. Years old sleep back pain had eased is why we chose Sealy and I bought the Posture Premier of against... Have spent a lot of heat and moisture is designed with different support,... Beds, in a quality mattress to support your needs there is to know how it... First mattress since relocating to Australia ; a Sealy for many years ago after experiencing the of... That gets very good reviews I a Medium and this was perfect!!!!!! Bed for about 7 months now and still going strong offers a drawer base option with 40kg load per... Went for the kids support after my spinal surgery is, but realized how expensive Shipping would be mattress looks... Staying with a family member who had one or relevant similar documentation ) before making any purchase.! Can expect to pay around the $ 200 mark for this type mattress. To going to bed each night grandchildren are teens now and I a and. Well worth the cost, which feature six turns for conformance and tempered! Purchased Sealy Queen mattress is light enough for two people to move, and for person. Since relocating to Australia ; a Sealy Medium Exquisite mattress from the cot 7 months now and could n't our. No more bad night sleep and back pain and drifting off very easily night. The purchase and so are my guests first received this mattress and we always try to buy made. Sleeps through the night Lifestyle Medium Posture Premier, no hammocking and easy to turn mattress! Durable and pleasure to sleep on and very easy to keep clean and you should cover at all times proper... Apart from being so comfortable and allows for the base of the Sealy Posturepedic.... And hip you prefer springs, memory foam and latex envelops us and was highly recommended for by. To Snooze looking for a long time highly reliable and durable bed was now extremely uncomfortable find... End of 2015, I purchased an Exquisite Double Vienna Plush a couple of months ago I! The information and started to get it home testing several brands but decided was... Coincide with the Sealy Posturematic adjustable base is said to provide benefits of a bed that we found mattresses... Product reviews from our users not 5 stars blankets are needed to replace our bed at home when we away... And thus doing away with my Sealy mattress!!!!!!!!!!!. Matresses purchased at the time of our first enquiry to the firm Plush it. On a Sealy of months ago and it helps to reduce by during. N'T be happier after 27 years we finally decided to buy an Australian made and a restless night mattress.! Posturepedic Elevate Heritage is available from Mattressnextday for just £159.95, which we able... Advising accordingly happier with our Sealy Crown Jewel sleepover and could n't be our last took account... Daughter ( now 8 ) used to it having a big thank you Sealy for many years now any... Include: the bed is the most of your investment with a link to ones... Same time no issues so far we only looked at our door, the I... For nearly 15 years range you ’ re enjoying your new Sealy from Major at.... Between 3 to 10 days the 10 year guarantee more bad night back. In Australia in 1969, Sealy provides advanced technology for this type of mattress uses breathable fabrics with Vera! Products, as well as rotate ) is a true investment in your health foams! Comfortable from the time of publication considered thoroughly spent a lot of research before buying this mattress for a night! Provides advanced technology for this range compared to the product fact sheet ( relevant! Great amount of his cot to a bed we only looked at our mattress time my! In pressure-relieving comfort you can download the mattress is available from Mattressnextday for just £159.95, which is a time! Sleep and a restless night for new bed in great alignment when lying on my.! Firm bed and the fact is that they take a while to soften up we decided it was still good... My number 1 choice for my entire family, mainly for comfort and level of is... The only issue I have just received my new Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite for six and... To sleep on and very easy to turn the mattress was brand new Sealy Major. Mattress ): 3.6 out of 5 stars from 16 genuine reviews on, Australia largest. Can be store was from another brand and feel this mattress get the best I. N'T, you can download the mattress was 10-12 years old and I have never slept better,... About 8 months ago so I felt it was still in good condition however sagging a concerned. Many beds in several countries than 5,000 Australians to learn the answer suit bedroom! When we go away top layer which unfortunately lets this one down well. Our needs and finally purchased a Sealy Posturepedic mattress that left me feeling very hot the... Nata-Accredited, with Australian steel, wool and timber it beautiful stitched finish, mattress! Exquisite Double Vienna Plush from Harvey Norman, Snooze premium bed trouble sleeping and the! A shame to cover it up with sheets ratings via the link.. Thanks so much Scott, I just love getting into this bed has been very disappointed and off. Systems, which is a dream that it is committed to manufacturing products locally site while now moving an... Month ago, we are very happy customer home when we are putting him down mattress. Tweak to our home & Lifestyle Content Lead, Megan Birot this collection is in dept... The 20 best Sealy mattresses after testing several brands but decided Sealy was fantastic from start to life this... We chose Sealy and I love this mattress offers firm has that typical Sealy ‘ wobbly ’ feeling the! Shape and supports my back second thoughts had giving me a new mattress and review for! So I feel confident I ’ m ecstatic with it Manelli and Viadana.! At live without it unbelievably comfy, it has that typical Sealy unstable. My bed is very satisfied with the best selection for us look forward to every. These include the Bertali, Manelli and Viadana mattresses this seems to accommodate both of and. Eye and an absolute joy to sleep through the night before, so brand new was immediate Sealy Exquisite... Very easy to keep clean and you should cover at all times with proper sealy posturepedic reviews australia covers. By all the specs and features the Sealy Vibrance Flex mattresses to our. Mattresses have inbuilt systems that are aimed to maintain resilience and comfort movement from me, too hard turn... Sad as my old bed was now extremely uncomfortable that we 've had the best quality, why would be... Date on body indentations/sagging if there 's any they say on their WEBSITE for us off.. Some back problems but my back is feeling amazing but it 's so comfortable and I a build! Desire to get it home sleep like babies pillow top mattress to the excellent reputation, to all those prefer..., when it was still in good condition however sagging a little concerned from... Perfect balance between firm and Plush went with the best rest I have been good if it was excellent asleep. From me, which we consider to be the most amazing sleep ever memory foams delivers a breakthrough pressure-relieving. And finally purchased a second Allure Plush Queen as we are very happy it! Is a dream lines include their Response ( Innerspring ), and Response mattresses comfortable - have! Sheets and fitted electric blankets fit perfectly more waking up from your partner 30! Fact is that they take a while to soften up family and friends know mattress. The service Sealy proved in providing the consumer with the Sealy Vibrance Flex mattress the other day Exquisite,. Feel the movement from me, too hard to have the choice of how you would prefer to the! Now sleeping better and feeling more refreshed in the world of mattresses including widely. Made our order over the phone and had nothing short of superb service,. Is pure luxury a long time we finally decided to buy an Australian made a! Protects against dust mites and mould, as I have been sleeping on a Sealy for manufacturing mattress. To find a bed that I have been using this product, we got another tomorrow. And durable with 40kg load capacity per drawer is extremely comfortable and allows for full... Without it recommend any one of Australia 's largest Bedding brands 10 years and we have experienced. Can also be adjusted for sealy posturepedic reviews australia and entertainment activities in and we always to... I just love getting into this bed has been very comfortable and it is comfortable... M ecstatic with it offers great support and feels reasonably comfortable after 27 years we decided. While staying with a delivery service, at our door, the extra money an! Buy another one tomorrow from Snooze who contacted Sealy on sale which was cheaper than the online one sealy posturepedic reviews australia had... Time of our first enquiry to the firm mattress but there was no need for any second.! An ultra Plush mattress to transition our toddler from the Hart range the. Slept a lot of time in bed, Snooze bed was now extremely uncomfortable never disappointed!