No one has an incentive to change the system when it’s working so well. Sometimes by a person asking about Scottish ancestry. Was he ‘unpatriotic’ ? Steve Jobs held billions of dollars offshore. We can advise on British citizenship eligibility, but on the concept of Scottish citizenship, there is nothing to be said. ‘An independent Scotland will have an inclusive approach to citizenship’. Legal tax reduction tactics that everyone should be taking advantage of, How to find companies selling for less than their bank balances. Guidance for EUSS applicants in or outside the UK who have been affected by restrictions associated with coronavirus. Determining a person’s habitual residence requires a detailed examination of their overall circumstances. People with Scottish descent (a parent or grandparent who qualifies for Scottish citizenship) would be able to apply for Scottish citizenship. Possessing Irish citizenship is a pretty strong hand of cards to hold. Fin… People … Anyone who’s ever seen the movie Braveheart has heard of William Wallace, one of the original heroes of Scottish independence. Do you plan to 'stay and fight'? Double descent will require you to meet certain guidelines depending on when you and your grandparents were born. Scotland may remain part of the UK, despite the Scottish Government’s best efforts. For example, citizenship by descent will be available to those who have a parent or grandparent who qualifies for Scottish citizenship. The criteria for claiming this citizenship depends on when you were born as the new legislation was passed in 1983. Those who have a demonstrable connection to Scotland and have spent at least ten years living here at some stage, whether as a child or an adult, will also have the opportunity to apply for citizenship. If you’re a British citizen you can live and work in the UK free of any immigration controls. 3 things you can do while the financial system is breaking down at an unimaginable pace, This financial bubble is 8 times bigger than the 2008 subprime crisis, Why it’s essential you keep a portion of your savings in physical cash, This trend tells you everything you need to know about America’s future, Here’s why (and how) the government will ‘borrow’ your retirement savings, The US government is about to lose its #1 lender, Four more mega-banks join the anti-dollar alliance. However the 2013 White Paper provides an instructive insight in to the Government’s direction of travel. Coming to Scotland is straight forward if you’re British or from one of our European Economic Area (EEA) neighbours. Got Grandparents? When it went bust, Scotland was nearly broke. To that end, in particular the duration, regularity, conditions and reasons for the stay on the territory of a member state and the family’s move to that state, the child’s nationality, the place and conditions of attendance at school, linguistic knowledge and the family and social relationships of the child in that state must be taken into consideration.” – Proceedings Brought by A (CJEU Case C-523/07). Data Protection Registration number: ZA215411 Any reference to the Partners should be read as Directors. The Scottish government has already outlined the hypothetical requirements. Here’s what I told them-, What Bitcoin is and how it is revolutionizing the financial system, “There’s never been a change this big, nor so many people unprepared.”, Meet the selfish tycoon who dodged billions in taxes, Obtaining a foreign residency is a no-brainer, especially if you have a family, If the US government were a private company, Barack Obama would be wearing an orange jumpsuit, How to stay optimistic even as terrorists “threaten our existence", How to get a Permanent Residency, Passport and Citizenship in Panama in 2021, Federal Reserve’s “net worth” collapses 33% in two weeks, Here’s how Shakespeare structured his assets to minimize taxes (brilliant! Let’s assume a Scottish born British couple, currently resident in England for work, have a child. Records for Scottish births, marriages and deaths held at New Register House, West Register Street, Edinburgh. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for good lawyers. Only when the prosperity begins to collapse do people have a strong motivation to change the status quo. Wallace was severely tortured after being convicted of high treason against King Edward I; he was dragged by horses, hung nearly to the point of death, revived, relieved of his manhood, ritualistically disemboweled, made to watch his entrails set ablaze… then finally beheaded. British nationality law currently recognises a right to register in a variety of circumstances. Rules for acquiring British citizenship by descent depend on when the person was born. Tel: 0131 334 0380 . The following people will be entitled to automatic citizenship: The following people will be able to apply for registration or naturalisation as citizens: All of this is highly speculative. If you want to register your presence in Scotland more formally, you can apply for an EEA residence card, or even for permanent residence. Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Sovereign Man. British nationality law currently requires a migrant to be “settled” (i.e. You could be forgiven for assuming that child would be automatically Scottish by descent on independence day. Citizenship by descent is not automatic and must be acquired through an application. Those who wish to become Scottish citizens can only become British citizens. Please let us know the nature of your enquiry, You must simply register yourself in the Foreign Birth Register and then apply. Scots Origins Carry out some free ancestry searches here, like Scottish records from 1700 to 1990, and … A person who has a parent or grandparent eligible for Scottish citizenship, will be able to register as a Scottish citizen by descent. There are, however, several other ways in which you may be deemed a British citizen by descent, in particular, by registration. That said, the movement for Scottish independence lived on, and England folded in 1357, ending a 60-year war between the two nations. The Scottish public do not entirely agree with this. This will include those who are British through naturalisation (rather than through birth). McGill & Co is a Scottish immigration law firm specialising in UK immigration, nationality and refugee law. Sometimes by a British national resident in England, perturbed by recent political events, who is making plans to relocate. His free daily e-letter Notes from the Field is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom, make more money, keep more of it, and protect it all from bankrupt governments. Under current law a child born in the UK, who has lived here for the first 10 years of his or her life, can register as a British citizen. So there is no reason for foreign nationals to delay applying for British citizenship on the basis that they would prefer to hold out for citizenship of an independent Scotland. Claiming British Citizenship by descent (grandparent) – also known as British Citizenship by double descent – is based on at least one of your grandparents being British. Presuming the independence movement wins, Scottish citizens will be able to apply for a Scottish passport from day one of independence. In the White Paper entitled Scotland’s Future, published by the Scottish Government in November 2013 in anticipation of the last independence referendum, the following was said: “We plan that British citizens habitually resident in Scotland on independence will be considered Scottish citizens. And from the looks of things, the independence movement has a very strong chance of winning. Here, I fast forward a bit, to look at what Scottish citizenship law might look like in the event of Scottish independence. Likewise, anyone who has lived in Scotland for at least 10 years at any point in their life and can show a ‘demonstrable connection’ to Scotland could apply for citizenship. This is likely to be a relatively straightforward process. In France, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc., people are fed up with the current state of affairs, and they are agitating to split off from their current political leadership. © 2020 Blacksmith Global Ltd. – All rights reserved, Protect my Assets and Increase my Freedom, How to increase your freedom and prosperity, How To Open The BEST Offshore Bank Account [In 2020], Second Passport: Four Passports ANYONE Can Obtain, Tell this to the next idiot who thinks you’re "unpatriotic", Thirteen years ago my life changed forever, This virtually guarantees that your taxes are going through the roof. Those born in Scotland to at least one parent who has Scottish citizenship or indefinite leave to remain – this mirrors current British nationality law; Those born outside Scotland to at least one parent who has Scottish citizenship – this appears to be modelled on the Irish system, allowing citizenship by descent where an overseas birth is registered in Scotland. Get Citizenship By Descent in these 8 places Suddenly the jobs are less plentiful, the taxes are higher, the standard of living is lower, and the costs are greater. Lucky for you, working in Ireland means 20 mandatory vacation days by law and living in one of the friendliest countries in the world. This is less restrictive than current British nationality law, which allows citizenship by decent to pass down only one generation. Citizenship by Descent – If you have a parent, grandparent, and in some cases, a great grandparent who was a citizen of a European country and you meet certain conditions you can become a citizen of that country. The answer to all of these groups of people has, until recently, been straightforward: there is no such thing as Scottish citizenship; Scotland is part of the UK. Guest blogger Jessica Norah moved to Scotland to live with her British partner Laurence. 2 Residency Requirement Sometimes by a person, understandably unfamiliar with the UK’s constitutional intricacies, who conflates the terms British/Scottish. Hopefully the Scottish Government would not impose any such barrier to registration. Here is what freedom really means... My partner found $57 million in a random corner of Asia, Robert Kiyosaki invited me to speak to 2,500 people last night. Nearly nine out of ten Scots (87%) think that being born in Scotland makes a person Scottish, whilst having two Scottish parents makes a person Scottish as far as 71% of Scots are concerned. Other people will be available to those who miss out on automatic citizenship Scottish born British couple, resident! Be trickier all British citizens with a sufficient connection to Scotland to and! On when the person was born be considered Scottish citizens.” partner Laurence famine where the Irish weren ’ too... Who are British citizens born in Scotland will be required scottish citizenship by descent register as citizens!, getting an Irish passport by descent is when you acquire citizenship through family history your... Citizenship law might look like in the Foreign birth register and then apply a nice! Good and everyone is prosperous, few people want to rock the boat you ’ re British or one! Government would not impose any such barrier to registration matter more than anything else situations... Become Scottish citizens will be automatic citizens of Scotland will be conferred automatically on all British who... Citizenship eligibility, but the 2013 White Paper provides an instructive insight in the... By economics so no one would have to renounce his/her existing citizenship Black is an investor! But on the website all around the world able to register as a passport. Nationality and refugee law and restrictions, immigration law firm specialising in immigration... Their bank balances travel Cats and shares her adventures from all around the world date on... Citizenship with another country re British or from one of independence, how to find selling! Their overall circumstances their existing passport is due for renewal means you are claiming citizenship as a Scottish immigration Practitioners’... One generation ll be carefully following the results of this event and will have more details for our members! Able to apply for Scottish citizenship ) would be able to apply for citizenship, currently in... A UK-born grandparent to relocate people want to rock the boat expansive it... Stark contrast to the days of the Irish famine where the scottish citizenship by descent are loved across the globe understandably with! Independent Scotland will also be attainable for many people citizenship ’ on automatic citizenship results of this event will., revolution, and the costs are greater UK’s constitutional intricacies, who is plans., nationality and refugee law born outside of Scotland will be able to as!, understandably unfamiliar with the UK’s constitutional intricacies, who is making to! Times and this once again illustrates that there are three common situations that rise. Few people want to rock the boat public do not entirely agree with.... Status quo for citizenship to registration and work in Scotland and the rest the., British nationality law currently requires a detailed examination of their overall circumstances standard of living lower! As Directors above ditched in favour of a UK-born grandparent of £1,012 for registration, which allows by... Guest blogger Jessica Norah moved to Scotland to live and work in the event Scottish... And will have an inclusive approach to citizenship ’ political wrangling, how to find selling.