I'd been slaving over for her and she never thanks me for my deeds. I loved her with all my heart and saw her as pure good. Jack. Told me she felt nothing and had no issues with it. But I'd been cleaning all day. I thought my sister would be kind enough to put them away as it was late and I still had more homework. Older sister tells mom nasty things about me, mostly negative to wedge a distance between my relationship with mom. I too have a sister who has no use for me. I just know that it is wrong and makes me feel horrible when I am around them. Even before then her behavior was still the same. Her friends have made fun of me & she never took up for me. My mom sides with her all the time. Shortly after our fathers death, we have now officially stopped communicating. My sister in law hates me, please help (74 Posts) Add message | Report. She has issues but we were close - I loved her and always stood by her. Oh, wait, I have to hear insults thrown at me back and forth and get my foot stepped on for no reason. I recently went through bs with my fam. My bf is my sisters bf's best friend. Our mother died when my sister was 20, and her father got a 19-year-old pregnant three months after the funeral. I know. No reason that I can think of. She once told me that she envied the time my mother spent with me when we were children. It hurts me so much knowing that my own mom hates my dad so much. She can be calm one minute and bitter and angry the next for no apparent reason and every time she becomes bitter it's always something negative towards me. The 15 year old who is being abused by her older sister and not protected by her mother/parents. My husband is close to his family. Him and I split for a few months because I was tired of him not trying for me. 7 hours ago. I always saw my mother paying more attention to my sister. Home→Forums→Relationships→sister hates me New Reply This topic has 3 replies, 3 voices, and was last updated 5 years, 1 month ago by niki. When I was 14 I baby sit for her in Ca. I became homeless and had not place to go. Join in and write your own page! 0 0. He’s picked me up off the floor multiple times after episodes with this particular sister. Well, me and my sister are 5 years apart. I am 5'5 and weight 118 she is 5'1 and weights 150 She's over weight and over powers me. My sister and I am were very close, 5 years apart. My parents are on her side and hates me. Hi, someone in my husband’s family really hates me. I love my sister I couldn't live without her. I don't understand how she can be so cruel. Me being a rough child, I fought back, but only to where I was defending myself, not trying to hurt her. They think hes black, muslim, a terrorist, going to sell me into prostituion and slavery, well the list goes on. She is 16, well just turned 16 and I'm 12 but ever since I can remember she has like hated me! She cusses me out when I'm playing with my little brother and she always says that when I was little she used to choke me and. and she has screamed these things at me. My sister does not want her children to have contact with me either. She has form though. Now all hate me for just wanting a break for the day. She hits me and my dad calls calls it a playful joke. I have known this from birth or so it seems. I am 24 and my sister is 18. we grew up sharing a bedroom. Simply click here to return to. My very oldest sister isn't always nice but at least she's nicer that the OTHER one. My sister comments on every single one of my life choices and it's usually to tell me how it's wrong. I was thrown out at 18 and thats fine. Quick recap: when I was young I wanted to be around my sister and she was annoyed by me. So, instead of only thinking about that one sentence “My husband hates me,” sit down and tell him how you really feel right now, and be prepared to accept his reply, even if it hurts to hear it. It scares me so much I can't even walk by her without thinking she will just stab me and that will be the end. So I wrote this for them, to let them know she will … I always try to be friendly and finally quit being nice and no longer contact her. 5 hours ago. But she would blame me for things I hadn't done. I know how u feel my sister is the same way I am 12 she 14 two years apart people always say we will grow up and end up liking each other but I wish I just know she'll hate me when I get older the worst part is we share the same room. I come from a family where everyone makes over 100,000 a year and they think of people by how much money they make. Well, you can not be mistaken when your older sister (7 years) tells you," I hate you and I have always hated you." As she being 16, only 4 years apart, She had a social life and crisises. My bird likes my sister more than me, and it hurts tbh. ... yet my sister informed me that she was taking off a day “only” on Thursday. It's amazing how sisters can be so different. She's constantly saying things to me like I don't want my daughter ending up like you as a teenager. MY SISTER HATES ME!Really hope you guys enjoyed this video of my sister & I! My older sister convinced my elderly Mother to put all her bank accounts joint (millions of dollars). Not working, Putting his family first. The worst part is I'm a freshmen and she's a senior. It took repeated tries all these years. During my teenage years, I had got into trouble with my parents. My sister hates me, how might I earn her love? I am now excommunicated from her house. My sister used to love hanging out with me, and she used to love me very much. But since my mother had passed away in 2003, I started to change for the better. Simply click here to return to Need Personal Growth Advice?. I loved surfing and soccer but … I also hate myself fo hating my family and it makes me feel like a bad person cause my mom does so much for me, She pays for everything I have and takes me to do fun things, so I just feel like a terrible person for hating her after what she has done for me Ok first off I'm 3 years apart from my sister. Today I was nice to her as to clean everything she was supposed to. They may take a report but there will be little or no follow-up. I try to ignore her but it isn't enough. I have been dealing with the same issue with my sister for over 16 years and it is really sad and heartbreaking especially now that both of our parents have passed on and we have a very small family left here on earth. I see the hatred in her eyes. They flooded me with questions and said, I know she will forget us. Since early childhood I protected and loved her, she is my only sibling. It's not that i think that my parents don't love me, it's that they just don't like me. my sister hates me it hurts NEW by: Shenanigans I have a younger sister who is 9 years younger than me. Nor has she ever congratulated me on anything I have done in my life, despite my always being kind to her. They care a lot more about her then me. I loved surfing and soccer but was and still am not very good at it. Perhaps its helpful to know that none of us are alone. Lucy on February 17, 2020: I have two sisters who appear to be jealous of me. I am 70 and my sister is 71 years old. We have been married almost 3 years; have a 5 month old son. You don’t give up. I was kind so I did. (Sometimes this well happen in life.) I could never understand why.... She is 12 years my senior, learnt to drive before me, moved out before me, started working and earning her own salary, got married to an awesome man, has travelled the world, seen places I have only dreamt of. We are almost 2 years apart and throughout my whole life she has controlled me. Which of course gets Crazy Catholic mother asking me if I pray and telling me how evil I am because I don't have a relationship with God. Hello, i am the 57 year old who recently wrote about his sister and niece that have disdain for him. She bullies my whole family. If this post is compliant with our guidelines, upvote this comment. I understand she needs her privacy but I just want her to know that I'm part of her life to and even though she still will probably hate my guts when I'm 30 and she 32 doesn't mean that I still won't love her. Annalisa Barbieri. How we handle other people's character defects is what makes the difference in relationships, in my opinion. ask god to help you with that. She has hidden in my closet and attacked me,choking me as I screamed. I was now alone and struggling with my thoughts. I am a 26 year old male and my sister and I are 8 years apart. I started to cry because I was scared about, my prognosis and told my sister I was lonely. Even sometimes just watches me get the sh*t beaten out of me. 😡 😠 😤 😳 I love her as a sister, but she HATES ME. About two or three years ago she stopped calling me (I lived out of state). During my teenage years, I had got into trouble with my parents. Shes always calling me stupid and getting into fist fights with me and always brings me up when shes fighting with our mom (they fight horrible, like dysfunctional and it kills me). She really gets on my nerves sometimes, for example, calling me names, always trying to annoy me, etc. When she would cook dinner, she would only tell my bros to eat, not me, i had to cook my own food, as well as buy my own groceries, and soap..etc..which my bros didnt. We had our ups and downs. Hi- my sister is a year older. She has misplaced these pictures and now accuses me of going into her apartment and taking them. I really prayed from my heart and felt this feeling like i was actually being listened to. It hurts to have someone you love treat you like this and its hard to accept that they really have no control over it. My mother hates me today and I've pleaded with her to please love me and she professes to be a christian. I tell her what I want but she disregards it. Something happened yesterday that i feel compelled to share with everyone. I'm the youngest of my sisters and I have alsways got into fights with my oldest sister, both my sister came to live with my family when I was 4 they were 13. Went no contact and honestly happiest I have been in years. I am not sure what I have done to make her hate me so much. My sister is 13 months younger than I am. I cried too but my mum thought my older sis was innocent and that I'm some devil child. I don't have children btw. We've never been on the same page with anything. Close • Posted by 2 minutes ago. My husbands family hates me. Cookies help us deliver our Services. She is all nice and sweet one time and suddenly starts screwing me for things i didnt do. My older sister has hated me since I was four or five. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when she was 14. My mother and sister stayed clear while he raged against me specifically. I hope she starts being nicer more often. None of us are perfect and we all do things that annoy others no matter how our egos tell us differently. Each time I have chosen the second option. 4 hours ago. It's been the same for me. 0 0. How? To me, they were family. 3 Answers. They went to every merchant in town and disparaged me. I can't take it any more because my whole family is ALWAYS on her side and I never start any of the fights. “The Lord is my strength and my song,” Exodus 15:2 reminds. While I've made a decision to stop trying to be a part of my older sister's life, I have to look at my part. We are 7 years apart with the same mother and father. Please read their past posts before posting here! I am 61 and she is 68. 7 Answers. She was at the hospital all day with my very sick grandma. I had barely anytime for homework. I have a sister who is one year older than me. I try to stay out of her way and I'm really pale naturally and after our fights I'm bright pink or red and my arms sting like crazy she hates my guts out and I do too, Well my sister that's sixteen hates me she calls me names and she says she wishes she was an only child and then she says she loves me to death and then she is mad for no reason. She is 20 now and I'm just 15, but before all things went bad at when I was 11 and she was 16. She was bffs with my other older sister. I still have text messages from her on my phone with the meanest and most hateful messages imaginable. I just want you to know you really are not alone in this. I started a yahoogroup. When she quit working ,without telling me anything she and her than boyfriend put me on a bus one way to AZ with only 17 dollars and sent me away. She is always making up lies and getting me in trouble, punished, and loss of privileges. Answer Save. My sister is 16 and I am turning 15 soon. We have empathy because we know first hand what it feels like to be kicked out of the family at holiday time simply because we are not liked. If not, downvote this comment. For a period of time we bred parrotlets. So, this may sound like a typical sister thing but it hurts. Kelly D., my sister in law told me I wasn’t part of their real family because I wasn’t a blood relative. She shoved my diploma so far back in a drawer it bent in half. I then wanted one hour of peace. DEAR CAROLYN: My husband’s sister hasn’t liked me since the day we met. Nothing major happened between us. Why? I've always been a rebellious person did things I shouldn't but that's who I am. It crushed me. Welp. Anyways I have never been able to rely on my mom to ever go back home. His sister's always needing money. My oldest sister my relationship with her IS GREAT , we have the typical relationship. My sister is always calling me names and telling me everyone wants me dead. An older sister (17) and a younger brother(12). This is a really good thing for me to know because my sister has been throwing things at me since she got sick. I have friends and a spouse who love me dearly. It's easy to do. A letter to … my sister, who shut me out for no reason. I have tried and tried to have the relationship … my family hates my I got called a fatty, fatby my mom and sister. Look I don't understand, I'm only 17 and I spent 11 years without my sister Then I found her on Facebook. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. They are old pictures of family members that I have absolutely no interest in. I talked to her and my mom about it but she still won't stop. 6 hours ago. During my teenage years, I had got into trouble with my parents. What can I do? I spend holidays alone, I have no other family. He met a woman BEHIND MY BACK, yes, we were separated..but he kept this secret..She had kids. Every single time I try to get along with her she always puts me down and keeps on trying to get me in trouble; and I'm sick of it. Why don't you ask her? My mother for some strange reason told me a few times whilst growing up that my sister hated me, that she was jealous of me. I hope that things get better for you I have had to learn to overlook the things my sister says and does because honestly theres nothing much you can do but love them anyway. 7 years ago. 0 0. I was forced repeatedly pack my stuff and go to a little hiding area right next to the highway, waiting for my mom to get back. My sister acts as though she hates me and I can’t bear it If you want to try to mend things, you need to pick your best mode of communication, says Annalisa Barbieri. Told people years ago I had been raped when I hadn't. I hope this is okay. It happened when I finally stood up to her and would not do her bidding as I usually do. The weird thing is my other sister is with one of his friends too. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. She has had so many stunning opportunities in life that I never have had, yet my mothers beliefs have unveiled. She has completely ruined my freshman year. If you can say yes, then nothing your sister tells her should make her turn against you because she has heard everything, and exactly how it happened from you. I'm 16 and I have two siblings. My mother and sister had gone to my job when I was 34 and cost me my job by disparaging me to the supervisor and co workers. Man. I always ask her why she hates me but she just says "You're annoying." My sister-in-law passed away 1-21-09 from cancer. I grew up idolizing her because se was the oldest. Post about anything related to family! Alison . :( I need help. She has a lot of problems and I always was there for her. My parents are sometimes helpful or at least trying to be, but half of the time they are either telling me to grow up and stop be a baby or they're siding with her. “I feel like my sister hates me because I’m prettier than her. She has been mean, and I’ve tried my hardest to be nice to her despite her spiteful behaviour toward me. We had different fathers. 😢😭. So, instead of only thinking about that one sentence “My husband hates me,” sit down and tell him how you really feel right now, and be prepared to accept his reply, even if it hurts to hear it. However, she always has this face that tells me she is irritated by me, and she seems to refuse my affection. I have an older sister who loves me when I am helping her, money taking her places....etc. Maybe it was that one time I got in trouble for a bad grade, but we all did, or because I drank alcohol thinking it was juice blue cause it was red: all I know is that she didn't speak to me.She'd just wouldn't even stare, if she did she'd just call me an idiot or even dumbass. I mean, she is ruining the family over it. She said she doesn't like me and then lied and said she didn't say it. His parents kind of like me and get along quite well with me. My sister and I (we are 2 years apart) were really close growing up. She stops by MacDonalds and orders her food in the drive through. We NEVER get along. She eats on the way and I ask if I can have a fry and she says that I'm a beggar and no I couldn't. I always thought my mother loved my sister more. It only made me think about how can a woman hate another woman for no specific reason? She has two young children ages 9 and 11. In the four years I have moved out she has not sent me a text, a Facebook message, a phone call -- nothing. The sister in the middle was the one who was the meanest to me and still is to this day. At one point, we had two males left. But since my mother had passed away in 2003, I started to change for the better. No one will miss you." She's toxic, remove her, you won't regret it. I went to church tonight and my parents asked her to drive me and stop by and get dinner on the way. She has tried to murder me multiple times, once by almost drowning me, stabbing me, suffocating me, etc. In this blog, we will identify signs which will help you understand if you are dealing with a sister in law who hates you, and then we will move ahead and find ways to deal with one. :(. My sister comments on every single one of my life choices and it's usually to tell me how it's wrong. my sister hates me it hurts NEW by: Shenanigans I have a younger sister who is 9 years younger than me. She I always thought I was the spoiled one and I always thought she was a bully. When I cry, she calls me a drama queen. Silly isn't it? She didn't ever considered the thought that I'm trying to be nice. Join in and write your own page! But all she did was use me as her stress relief. We must remember that the family we live with is not responsible for our happiness. There is a 6 year difference and my bf is my sisters age. She didn’t want to be a part of my research. My wife, I love her, but she doesn’t even like me touching her. my mom talks about me behind my back to my brothers all the time. She then cried out so I stopped and let her go. Like I have soo much love & respect for her. She blasted her music through the paper thin walls, and of course this got me agitated. Q. As god is my witness I have not stolen anything from her. I'm 18 and my sister is 28. I'm now eleven and she's fourteen. I have a younger sister who is 9 years younger than me. Yeah that would be a good excuse if she wasn't this way before she was pregnant. Right after our brother passed away almost 2 year ago, my sisters turned their back on me. my brother try's to make my life a living hell. So, this past year she cut all her hair off, dyed it black, got three face peicing, a huge tattoo. I have tried all I can to please my sister and be her friend all she does is verbally abuse me. I wish to just forget her in my life. My brain knew better; it's why loving a married man hurts the other woman. When she's drinking she will tell me that she has always been jealous of me. Julie has always been difficult, but after our dad left five years ago, she started skipping school and getting underage piercings without permission. It doesn’t sound like you meant to hurt any of them with what you said, so that helps me. I have an extremely racist family. I was a feeling like i never felt before. He gets it. hey am hurt cause i mastrubate and my cosin saw it by mistake and told everyone that she is feeling insecure in home with me i was so hurt cause i dont have any intension about her in that way. My father was the alcoholic and he targeted me with aggression from my earliest childhood memories into adulthood. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. My mom has these mood swings all the time. Argue and she probably thinks her brother/sister has married an angry, resentful and bitter so-and-so who hates her and will do anything to come between her and her brother/sister. How? My older sister always would hurt me either mentally or physically. So I decided to do it. Ok so yesterday before I sleep I told her that I love her she said that she hates me she wasn't joking it hurts my feelings and she was making fun of me I want to test her if she likes me or not any ideas and thanks. I'm 6 years older.