As a primary and essential matter, the SSPX is committed to investigating all allegations of sexual misconduct by its clergy, religious, and lay employees. Stamos nor anyone at the latter priory ever heard from Church Militant. Bishop Athanasius Schneider commented on the fact that “from various sides,” the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) has been made a target of attacks in connection with cases of sexual abuse (, December 3). A second statement included an apology to victims and promised greater transparency — but vanished from the website within a few days. (I hr 14 mins) R4R #47: SSPX Abuse Scandal Update w/ Church Militant Dave and Tim talk to Michael and Christine from Church Militant about all the striking similarities—and some differences—between the SSPX sex scandal and the “novus Ordo Church’s” summer of shame in late 2018. Church Militant defends the one and attacks the other. MagdalenaRita April 23, 2020, 4:04pm #50. Frédéric Abbet, sentenced to prison in 2017 for abusing boys at the Society's L'École de Notre Dame academy in Brussels. On July 23, 2019, Church Militant published an article entitled “Is the SSPX Sheltering a Sexual Predator?” by James Baresel. Get briefed on today's top stories with Michael Voris. Some of it is either old or uninteresting, but that still leaves some serious questions for SSPX to answer. David55: Again as I said: " Michael Voris is not the superior or judge of those clergy. In this episode, CFN’s editors report on: BREAKING NEWS that Archbishop Viganò has published (via CFN and other outlets) another Open Letter to President Trump. I hope that is the right thing to do. One day after Church Militant's groundbreaking exposé detailing decades-long history of abuse and cover-up in the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), the SSPX … If you have a gift code you would like to redeem, click here. Laurent Ramé, Maillard’s former superior at Our Lady of the Rosary priory in Saint-Germain-de-Prinçay, Vendée, went to police this summer after parents of alleged victims came to him to report abuse. Fr. US District Headquarters – July 24, 2019. As our Statutes state, the central charism of the SSPX is the Catholic priesthood: [The Society’s activities] include all the works necessary for the formation of priests and whatever pertains thereto, whether the candidates be destined to be members of the Society or not…  The second purpose of the Society is to assist priests in their sanctification by providing them with opportunities for retreats and recollections. The SSPX goes on to compare Church Militant's report on McLucas to our coverage of the case of Fr. The Society will willingly come to the assistance of aged, infirm, and even unfaithful priests. Antonio Socci: The Real Objective of the Film ‘Francesco’ Is To Bring Down Trump and Elect Biden, Scapegoating Francis: How the Revolution of Vatican II Serves the New World Order. McLucas. McLucas that you do to your articles about Fr. Opinion Catholic Church Thu Dec 3, 2020 - 12:33 pm EST. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the lists of the accused being published, even by the dioceses, before the preliminary investigation and the definitive condemnation. Posted by 6 days ago. This action comes less than two weeks after Church Militant aired its April 22 Spotlight investigation, a first-of-its kind exposé on the Society detailing numerous cases of clerical sex abuse covered up by men in the highest ranks of leadership, including superiors general. Thus, it could be the case that Church Militant‘s recent accusatory articles are simply the latest manifestation of their long-standing campaign to defame and discredit the SSPX, an agenda that Catholic Family News continues to find both baffling and abhorrent. The report provoked strong and polarized reactions, some supporters insisting the Society would sue Church Militant for defamation. Speaking of Church Militant’s methodology, we must draw attention to this sentence: “SSPX priest Nicholas Stamos informed me by phone on July 18 that McLucas is still participating in the organization’s work.”Fr. Church Militant: A History of pedophilia in SSPX throughout the world. Is the SSPX Sheltering a Sexual Predator? Fr. Church Militant's Spotlight was followed by a series of written investigative reports explaining in greater detail some of the cases featured in the documentary — including the case of convicted pederast Fr. Both charity and justice should be hallmarks of any Catholic. It remains unclear whether the SSPX will publish the names of review board members; doing so would grant the public the ability to review the true independence of each member and whether conflicts of interest exist. Nicholas Stamos wishes to make clear: he has never heard of, nor spoken to, the author of this article. Palmeri is now serving a 10-year prison sentence for his crimes. Bernard Fellay within two months, assigning him to live under the same roof as young boys, whom he went on to abuse. As Church Militant first reported, Fr. Perrone and Fr. Bishop Schneider pleads for fairness in SSPX sexual abuse accusations By Bishop Athanasius Schneider December 3, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Recently, one could observe that the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) has been made from various sides a target of attacks in connection with cases of sexual abuse. Although I will say that this isn’t the first time SSPX has come under fire for abuse allegations.. EDIT: Church Militant report is a lot longer than I thought it’d be. StudentMI. In fact, it is only one side/website which attacks the SSPX, i.e., while constantly complaing that no Catholic website is jumping on that bandwagon. Instead of a lawsuit for libel, however, the SSPX's announcement of an independent review board includes an explicit admission that its clergy have sexually abused victims. Detailed reports on more cases are forthcoming. Neither Fr. agree that your subscription will automatically renew monthly, quarterly or annually based upon your subscription This article first appeared in the October 2020 Print Edition of Catholic Family News (click HERE to subscribe; current subscribers can access the E-Edition HERE). ( It is easy to contact us. The Society of Saint Pius X is committed to protecting all minors and vulnerable adults and to cooperate fully with civil and ecclesiastical authorities. 8 thoughts on “Church Militant interviews Jassy Jacas, on sex abuse in the SSPX” Michael Dowd says: April 25, 2020 at 8:32 am From what I gather, Frank Walker thinks the attack on SSPX is bogus and probably orchestrated by the Vatican and Opus Dei. Palmeri had abused his daughter for seven years, but when she and her then-fiancé Kyle White went to SSPX clergy for help, they were told not to report the abuse to police, even warned they would be committing a "mortal sin" if they did so. In The News. McLucas are both accused. Church Militant’s headline on their first story covering abuse cases in the SSPX was titled, “SSPX: ‘Sympathetic to Perverts’”. Finally, a statement posted on the St. Thomas More Priory's website, which falsely claimed Fr. As part of their reporting, the editors explain the... Editor’s Note: Catholic Family News is honored to help circulate the following Open Letter to President Donald Trump at the request of its author, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. God did not give him that role or right. More recently, Church Militant reported never-before-published details of the case of Fr. If you are more concerned with the truth than clicks, you can still make reparation. Close. Bishop Schneider pleads for fairness in SSPX sexual abuse … society of st. pius x, sspx, sspx abuse allegations. Stamos directed him to a priory that Fr. In addition, we are committed to both helping victims as well as those that are accused. Martin. By Christine Niles. Perrone and the prosecutor for Fr. A third statement on the SSPX's Facebook page acknowledging the Society had been inundated with emails, phone calls and messages from people demanding transparency, as well as admitting that victims had contacted the SSPX with new allegations, was also removed after several days. The Society has not responded to queries from Church Militant or others explaining why these statements have been taken down. I’m a little leery of the Church Militant as a source. Regrettably, Church Militant failed to make any mention of i… Today, Apr. PLATTE CITY, Mo. You are not signed in as a Premium user; we rely on Premium users to support our news reporting. "As much as the SSPX wants to prevent abuse from happening ... abusing boys at a Brussels SSPX academy. produced excellent rebuttals to Voris’ attacks on the Society, as well as to attacks on CFN, The Remnant, Angelus Press, and other Traditionalist outlets dubbed “Reactionary Catholic Media” by Voris (see here and here). The SSPX responds that ... "The story, among other things, purports to expose a culture of coverups regarding sexual abuse and immorality within the Society. ", Father Jurgen Wegner, district superior, is creating the permanent review board, which will be made up of "a married couple, a civil lawyer, a doctor and a canonist priest," the statement adding, "We reserve the right to include others on a temporary or permanent basis.". After an official with the Society of St. Pius X told priests and staff they should speak ... in cover-ups of abuse by priests or attendees of SSPX chapels. Have a news tip? McLucas. Clergy will seek opportunity to provide individual care and counsel both for the accused and his/her family until the investigation is completed. I would like to weigh in on the SSPX/Church Militant controversy that began last week with the publication of (some known, others unknown) documents by Church Militant. is a Catholic apostolate based in the metro Detroit, MI area that is dedicated to spreading the Catholic faith through the use of digital media. In the meantime, for your readers–whatever they think of the SSPX–we hope this clarification shows which side maintains journalistic integrity, and more importantly, Catholic charity and justice.   Yearly: $120 a year, To pay in advance without a subscription, click here option selection above at the current full price on the date of each renewal, until you cancel. Catholic News. McLucas was named in the August 2018 Pennsylvania grand jury report. Editor’s Note: Earlier this week, Church Militant, the Catholic media apostolate run by Michael Voris, published an online article with the shocking headline, “Is the SSPX Sheltering a Sexual Predator?” The article accuses the leadership of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) – an international priestly society founded in 1970 by the great Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (1905-1991) – of gross negligence (at best) and deliberate cover-up (at worst) in relation to one Fr. The Society’s houses could be headquarters for priestly associations, for third orders, for periodicals and magazines dedicated to the sanctification of priests…. Press Release Concerning Church Militant Article Regarding the SSPX – District of the USA . minors), and vulnerable adults from harm, and the protection of workers from false allegations…We provide individual care and counsel both for the abuse victim and his/her family…The accused is to be treated with dignity and respect. When you place your order, your Church Militant Premium membership will be activated. Perrone, they trample on when it comes to Fr. Two complaints against the 53-year-old priest had been filed in July. 22, 2020, the conservative Novus Ordo web site Church Militant has released a substantial report exposing rampant sexual abuse of minors in the Society of St. Pius X, especially in (but not limited to) the United States of America. Catholic News. About a month ago, I posted about a blockbuster Church Militant story on sexual abuse scandal within the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X, in particular in the town of … Submit news to our tip line. The SSPX has responded with a press release (full text below) addressing several relevant points and ultimately reiterating the Society’s commitment “to protecting all minors and vulnerable adults and to cooperate fully with civil and ecclesiastical authorities.” Church Militant, in turn, has doubled down on its stance, publishing two additional articles on the subject to date (see here and here). The report (the transcript of which has been taken offline by CM, see PDF here) was extensive but, sadly, full of editorializing comments. Jurgen Wegner (now U.S. district superior), who left the known pederast unsupervised for long periods of time. Couldn’t agree more. Church Militant: A History of pedophilia in SSPX throughout the world. billing. They concern mostly historical sexual abuse allegations against priests of the Society of Saint Pius X, the poor/possibly criminal manner in which they were handled and the future… Fr. In both situations, Church Militant assumes the place of a judge that only civil or religious authorities are entitled to. This is false, and the SSPX calls on Church Militant to withdraw this slanderous piece of yellow journalism." - It is not for us to air the dirty laundry of the clergy for the world to see. Submit news to our tip line. 4. Church Militant also reported on the case of convicted pedophile Peter Palmeri, a longtime parishioner and employee at St. Mary's in Kansas, headquarters of Angelus Press, the official publishing arm of the SSPX. James McLucas, a diocesan priest who occasionally helps the Society of Saint Pius X. This misleading and slanderous report deserves clarification. I started another thread on the SSPX v Church Militant issue and don’t want to derail that so I have posted this as a separate thread. The SSPX, Church Militant, and LifeSite: a response By John-Henry Westen. an apology to victims and promised greater transparency, Have a news tip? Catholic News. James McLucas, a priest of the archdiocese of New York who was suspended from ministry due to accusations of sexual abuse (his name appears in a recently published archdiocesan list) and who has assisted the SSPX on occasion due to his interest in traditional doctrine and liturgy.