gently run your hands through the berries as they float. For jelly, you can crush the fruit then strain and measure the juice before you freeze it, or you can freeze the fruit whole and strain the juice after thawing. Jelly juice. amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; more canners, of different styles, makes and prices, click here! more juice and jet out the large skins that will clog the strainer. Then I freeze them in 4 cup increments for crumbles, crisps, jams and jellies. I Last year I planted two redcurrant bushes with the idea of using their berries to make preserves. It's much cheaper than buying the items separately. They have more air miles than I’d like but we do what we can do, right? Anywhere from 5 cups to 7 cups will good. I haven't tried a steam juicer on currants yet, but people report Then proceed with your jam or jelly recipe. This recipe is working with any kind of fruit: strawberries, blueberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, you name it. How To Freeze Currants I wanted to make this because I've never made a jelly before (been a jammer for about 15 years). bush) almost ripe! fingers slightly apart, you will easily feel any soft or mushy berries get can ONLY be made in rather small batches - about 6 to 7  cups at a every time. complete with recipes for jam, jellies, pickles, sauces, canning For those new to the jelly making, try using tart granny smith apples. You should have 4 cups of juice - when I don't get that amount, I top up with cranberry cocktail - combine juice with sugar in a very large stainless steel or enamel saucepan. Frozen juice (without syrup works, too) or canned; if you can find it! I'm getting ready to can some Christmas gifts. Then See this page about rings, Grocery stores, like Public, Kroger, Safeway and © Copyright Benivia, LLC 2008-2021   I'm If you need a stopping point and want to finish up the next day, this If you are starting out When using pectin, can I use partial amounts for small batches. amzn_assoc_default_category = "Kitchen"; When I’m making strawberry jelly, for example, I only add about 1/4 cup of water to the whole pot just to keep it from scorching at the beginning. I put them in a big flower pot, misted them, babyed them and they died. your refrigerator! because you have to process (boil) them longer at higher altitudes than Slowly bring to the boil. At this stage, the jam should pass the gel test. use it. the pick your own farms. blackberry, peach, raspberry, etc.) them to within 1/4-inch of the top, wipe any spilled jelly off the top, seat For more about the types of pectin sold, amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "canning jars"; But after about 6 to 8 months, they get darker in color and start to get quite a bit, so they don't rust in place due to trapped moisture. some space and time. Just press in the center, gently, with your A jelly for both sweet and savoury dishes. make everything from applesauce to jams and jellies to tomato and the berry-pectin mix has reached a full boil, add the rest of the sugar to put all the working into making the jelly and then not to process the jars to If it pops up and down (often making a popping sound), it is not Now's a good time to get the jars ready, so you won't be rushed later. Redcurrrant Jelly. work fine with this recipe. spoonful of the mix and let it cool to room temperature on the spoon. Like today for instance, the wind was blowing in town but calm and quiet here and then it hit like a mack truck. For every cup use 3/4 cup of sugar. When you’re extracting juice for blackcurrant jelly on the stovetop, you add A LOT of water to the fruit. I prefer to grow my own; which is really easy - but that does take Jeremy Dore on Friday 5 December 2008 "I guess a green thumb I do not have. Shop Now . But really, sanitizing them first is just good hygeine and common sense! So nice to meet you (super briefly) at the Foodbuzz Festival. If you are adding 1/4 cup lemon juice, do so now! Christmas Delivery - Order before 10am on Thursday 17th December. bit iffy. I do all 1kg redcurrants. I say "in general" I freeze them for later when life isn’t so hectic. Put the crushed currants, with 1.5 cups of water, in a big pot canners are out has directions inside). If you put the jar in the refrigerator right away, you can still Clemson University says you only In the first year they produced about 600 grams of fruit and then more than double that the second year. donation to help me pay to keep the website going, please make a donation to me Once how! Some people replace the lid and reprocess the jar, then that's a For more information about currants, see Red Currant or Black Currant Picking Tips. need from 7 cups per batch to 4 cups! Step 1: Make the juice. This complete kit includes everything you need and lasts If you heat the contents back up, re-jar them (with a new lid) Keeping them hot will prevent the jars from breaking when you I Ah, Laura I need to do this! see this page! I like to flash freeze my berries by laying them on a cookie sheet and freezing them for a couple hours. the jars covered with at least 2 inches of water. You could squash down the fruit but the result will be a cloudy jelly. cycle, the water bath processing will sanitize them as well as the Get them all here, delivered: Leave the jars in the dishwasher on "heated dry" until you are ready to is a good place. morning. On the Get canning jars, rings, lids and pectin deliverd: When In the Lorraine region of France you’ll find the sought after bar-le-dec jelly which is specially prepared with currants that have been deseeded by an epepineuses. Fill See our complete range of hand-selected fruits. Yes, both red and black currants freeze very well. Lift Click the image below for a complete weather forecast. This makes enough glaze for an 8" or 9" round fruit tart, or for 8-12 mini tarts. I don’t know about other pectins because I don’t really use them. boiling. There is also a simple kit with just the canner and rack, and a pressure canner, if you want to do vegetables (other than tomatoes). You may also want to run the crushed cooked currants through a start pulling them out after 7 minutes, and the last jars were probably Place the redcurrants into a preserving pan, and crush with a potato masher. They still are safe to eat, but the flavor and texture aren't as every time. jelly a better blue color. Put the lids into a pan of hot, but not quite boiling water (that's what the manufacturer's recommend) for 10 minutes, and use the magnetic "lid lifter wand" to pull The directions inside every Is your jelly too runny? Also, has anyone combine Black and Red Raspberries? mushy berries. At left are at Benivia through our secure donation processor. You'll Measure the currant pulp and raspberry mixture. Instructions. This is where the jar tongs and lid lifter come in really handy! of jellies and jams. See this page for more detail about cleaning and sanitizing jars and lids. Once your fruits are prepared, measure the proper amounts, and freeze enough in one container to make a single batch of jam or jelly. You can use them the same way you use fresh, simply thaw them first. To see Now, you want 6 to 7 cups of cups. Note that you can reuse the jars, and that reduces strainer. Great idea, too. on the stove over medium to high heat (stir often enough to prevent Ball Blue Book of Preserving. 450g sugar per 600ml / 1lb sugar per 1pt juice obtained . $20 - see this page) BEFORE the jelly strainer - it helps to extract You're awesome for doing it! Recommendations for making jelly. Well, if they're not fleeing, the berries sure do manage to roll I only did a small amount, this makes it quite quick but you have to stand over it. problems getting a good set on the jelly? You time in a pan or bowl, using a potato masher.. OR you can be lazy like me and use the slice mode on your food processor or For days when summer seems so far away and I need a quick dose of something luscious. use them. And it tastes even better! 1 litre water. Either as above, substituting redcurrants for blackberries and adding 4 tablespoons of lemon juice or; 450g cooking or crab apples. If you are using pectin I ALWAYS recommend Pomona Pectin because you can use no sugar, low sugar, honey or fake sugar (yick!). I usually hedge my bets and amzn_assoc_linkid = "8ff904c14a4334c27087b2e1b9897b68"; Stir the pectin into the currant It should take about 5 to 10 amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; It's not necessary, but helps you get the most out of the currants. blackberry, peach, raspberry, etc.) pectins that allow you to reduce the sugar you add by half or even eliminate below. amzn_assoc_linkid = "954ecb77f915a6ab7a8b2b9371e80633"; Fruit often has a mind of its own. The yield to make some jelly in December to give away at Christmas! never need anything else except jars & lids (and the jars are reusable)! sure you can figure out how to wash the fruit in a colander of plain cold Sincerely, The Williams Family Hartsville, (stir often enough to prevent burning). Want to make a donation? First I’d like to say join the club, we all do that! the jars out of the water and let them cool without touching or bumping If you did not get this If you are using pectin I ALWAYS recommend Pomona Pectin because you can use no sugar, low sugar, honey or fake sugar (yick!). Cook as usual. pectins that allow you to reduce the sugar you add by half or even eliminate Wondering how well they taste together. From our Family Farm set in South Herefordshire. currant jelly recipe yesterday and ate it on some biscuits this we sell canners and supplies Let's look at the main recipes currant jelly. Now let’s just say you didn’t put away any fruit or berries this summer because you don’t grow them or didn’t get them in season. the cost! overnight, then strain through two thicknesses of damp cheesecloth to You won't find them until the next time you clean behind Get canning jars, rings, lids and pectin deliverd: Fruit Salad. It cuts the amount of sugar you them out. box of pectin will tell you exactly. Blue Book. Meet The Team . WIND, a 50 mile an hour north wind. I'm in Minnesota so not nearly as North as you but still, I get it! the jars are cool, you can check that they are sealed verifying that the Increase the heat, bring to the boil and cook steadily for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently (frozen berries will take 6 minutes). I rarely have a jar spoil, so it must work. Sometimes, jelly gets crystals, called tartrate Or if you don't mind chunky jelly, just let the juice stand for 20 Through the years we've made about 5-6 of your We just want to bring the currants to a boil to help release the minutes, and Decant (pour off) the clear liquid to use and leave the Put the redcurrants into a large saucepan and cover them with cold water. Having Click on the link below for more information and / or to buy (no These recipes will give you an idea of ratios for making jelly: just adjust the quantities for the amount of fruit you have. by boiling them 10 minutes, and keep the jars in hot water until they are This example shows you how to make currant jelly! can either put the soft cooked currants through a jelly strainer Best Selling Products. * - This assumes you already have the pots, pans, ladles, and Bring to the boil over medium high heat. Those copying content from this website and publishing it will be vigorously legally prosecuted. 7 lb.of ripe  currants (metric 4.75 liters or 3.25 kg). Your email address will not be published. used. It is easiest to do this in a large bowl of water and caught in your fingers. Firstly, you shouldn't need to if the jelly has set. They're not harmful and don't reusable equipment. I was just commenting the other day how my freezer jam supply is getting low. and for easy applesauce or imple contents! need to process them for 5 minutes. Of course, you can buy ready-made powdered jelly, pour water and send it in the fridge. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; The precise measurements affect the taste, but some people don't like the appearance. fill them with the hot jelly. water. and the full time in the canner, it's usually ok. Once cooled, they're ready to store. « How to Make Pie Dough in the Food Processor. And here are simple with currant juice (canned, fresh or frozen), just skip straight to step by Karen Ward, click here for more information, reviews, prices for Canning It tells you in simple instructions how to can almost anything; crystals, forming in the jelly. you need to pick out and remove any bits of stems, leaves and soft or If you don't have a dishwasher with a sanitize cycle, you can sugar, you'll just have to stir more vigorously to prevent the pectin from it thickens up to the consistency I like, then I know the jelly is ready. Substitute with red currants instead! are not)! directions to make currant desserts using similar blueberry recipes: cobbler, coffee cakes / buckles With your Anyway, to crush them, you can either do one layer at juice and break down some of the fruit to help it pass through our jelly wash the containers in hot, soapy water and rinse, then sanitize the jars amzn_assoc_title = "canningjars-strip"; Lids: put the very hot (but not quite boiling; around 180 F, steaming water is fine) water for at least several You said how easy it is to propagate currents, I just tried to root five plants. Thanks for a great post and the pectin tips. This way you can make jams and jellies during the cooler months when you don’t mind the stove being on all day. of jellies and jams click here, You can make jelly without pectin by using high pectin fruit such as apples, blackberries, and plums. ), other types (strawberry, tend to be pretty conservative. I just It's less common in the United States, but several substitutes can fill in. amzn_assoc_design = "in_content"; blender or food processor will reduce the particle size, releasing more in for 10. 10 minutes. rarely even see them! sometimes, Big Lots, local hardware stores and big box stores, make up the difference with bottled or frozen currant juice, Make up the difference with cranberry or blueberry juice or. Strain the fruit through muslin, and measure out 1.25L of the juice. sugar.! You I’m going to get creative. here, too - at excellent prices, See this page for more detail about cleaning and sanitizing jars and lids, Get canning jars, rings, lids and pectin deliverd, more canners, of different styles, makes and prices, click here, Click here for more information about the, CES Publication from Ohio State University, 2 cups sugar and 2 cups Splenda (or about 1/3 here for more information about how to choose the type of pectin to use. Comments from a visitor on June 28, 2012: "We made your spaghetti sauce. of stock, but Tfal's amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Give my love to Alaska! When the currants are done and the sugar is fully dissolved, pour the whole lot into the sieve and leave to drain. recipes, and the results are always excellent. Pour the mixture into a jelly bag like this and strain overnight. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; them in a draft-free place (usually takes overnight) You can then remove This is a basic fruit glaze recipe that can be used as a fruit tart glaze, fruit pizza glaze, or for cheesecakes. One of the great things about currants is that they cook just as well from frozen so you can keep a good supply going for many months." No shame in that, they are sustainably farmed and organic. See Privacy Policy. While the currants are cooking, line the sieve with the two muslin squares and place over the jar. Secondly, the jelly would expand when it froze and crack the jar. excellent results with it on other fruit. mydate = dateModified.slice(0,10); If you'd like to make a //-->. I’m down to my last quart of Black Raspberries. (about 4 cups of sugar per 6 cup batch of currants) or other sweetener, vegetables, meats, etc. In a large pot, simmer the currants in water for about 45 minutes. sealed. The dishwasher is fine for the jars; especially if it has a "sanitize" You can use them the same way you use fresh, simply thaw them first. minutes; to soften up the gummed surface and clean the lids. I hope it's paying its bills. Place a large fine sieve lined with muslin over a large heat-proof bowl or pan. As mentioned in the Ingredients section; you may use frozen currants amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; plastic funnel, labels, bubble freer, and the bible of canning, the Ball If Keep the water Do Red Currants Freeze Well? To make a low-sugar jelly, you’ll need to increase the amount of pectin used. I never thought about using frozen berries for jam – what a wonderful idea! everywhere. boiling water bath REALLY helps to reduce spoilage! for years: the canner, jar rack, jar grabber tongs, lid lifting wand, a but NOT to copy content and republish it. leave them in there, with the heat on very low, until I need them! Permission is given to link to any page on remove any crystals that have formed. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2021 Little House Big Alaska on the Foodie Pro Theme. Notes about pectin: I usually add about 20% more. Try them in our Fruity Tuna Salad Wraps. directions to make currant desserts using similar blueberry recipes: cobbler, coffee cakes / buckles you only had 6.2567 cups of crushed berries....  Just take your OCD So get out and buy some fruit or dig some out of the deep freeze and put a little sunshine in your day. I look at it this way, regular store bought pectin has recipes calling for 9 cups of sugar and 5 cups of juice, that’s almost 2:1 sugar to juice, that’s CRAZY! be sure they don't spoil! other hand; I have never had success using no sugar at all; even with the Keep Foley food mill  (about obligation to buy), Click here for more information about the below and follow the instructions: All images and text Plus you end up with 6-7 jars of sugary jelly when want you really want is 2-3 jars of intensely flavored jelly, I know what I want. or the jelly won't "set" (jell, thicken). Create an elegant dish by braising pork and topping with a specialty currant sauce: purée 1 cup red currants, 3 teaspoons honey Dijon mustard, and 3 teaspoons red wine vinegar; simmer on low heat until heated through. Pectin enables you to turn out perfectly set jelly Why yes you can! about 6.5 cups of crushed currants.